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GAP Vision is a netbased application for performance measurements and enhancements.By using GAP Vision you will see your customers becoming more happy, profitable and loyal to you, your employees becoming more proactive and efficient, your suppliers becoming more quality minded and that your business peers becoming impressed of the way you control all steps in your value chains ......

GAP Vision is the complete suite of tools to monitor and enhance performance indicators that you normally do not read from your regular P&Ls. Among indicators you may obtain a much better understanding of are:

  • Your customers satisfaction and their intention of being loyal to you
  • Your business' satisfaction with your suppliers
  • Your employees satisfaction with working with your and your business

In addition, GAP Vision can help you in enhancing performances in areas where this is important to your success. Issues to which you will find GAP Vision helpful to resolve are:

  • Identify performance indicators that directly drive the profitability of your business
  • Define best practices within these key indicators
  • Support training and development of these performacne areas

With GAP Vision you have a comprehensive toolbox that together with your regular business reports provides the complete picture of how your business is performing and how to improve performances in the potentials identified.

GAP Vision is the obvious tool when you need to make sure your customers are happy and would like to continue and extend the business with you.

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