Supplier Performance

Your suppliers represent a major part of your supply chain which in turn influence your overall business profitability. A continuous monitoring of the performance of your suppliers will ensure they remain focused on developing quality and efficiency in all business interfaces with your business.

The performance of your suppliers is crucial to ensure efficient operation of your supply chain. Furthermore, the supply chain is located early in your overall value chain and it may in fact influence the creation of value throughout your entire business. Hence, it is crucial to ensure that your suppliers maintain a high level of quality and efficiency in all the interaction points with your business.

In most cases, your own organization will be very well equipped to provide feedback on your suppliers products and services, andof course how they are delivered to you. Through GAP Vision your points of contacts with the supplier will give invaluable insight to the quality and efficiency of each of your suppliers, and how their performance compares to each other.

Consequently, you will have the best possible fact base when you next meet with your suppliers for discussing improvements in operations and terms and conditions.


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