Sales Force Performance

The performance of your salesforce directly impact your chances of success when tracking down new customers. By obtaining your prospect customers view on your sales force performance, you will be better equipped to actually control the criteria they are applying when making decisions to buy or not.

Your company's ability to grow and take market shares in a challenging market will significantly depend on your ability to acquire new customers. The customer growth is obviously affected by the number of sales processes you are initiating and closing. By combining the estimated sales volumes of these processes with the historical or projected hit rate, you may estimate the overall expected sales volume of your sales processes. These figures you may easily retrieve from your CRM system and apply the for setting up or adjust sales strategies.

However, the hit rate is often getting less attention as it is considered less controllable in the everyday business. Very often the price level, or other issues you are not able to control, is stated by your sales team as the main reason for losing a tender. The truth is that a sales process may be very challenging and longlasting, and that your customer will take his decision based on the perception of many factors along the road. The performance of your sales team is here of major significance, but without the right tools and information base you wil not be able to track the performance exposed. By asking both won and lost prospects anout the performance of your salesteam throughtout the sales procecss, you may gain invaluable information about actual performance levels. This would be of great help when you initiate and track progress of sales training programmes for your sales teams. And of course, if you are able to catch the customers response before case is closed, you may in fact control your chances of winning the case in hand.

This you will definitely be able to influence the hit rate of your sales efforts! 

GAP Vision offers the required tools to track sales process performance on those areas having significant impact on your prospects decision to do business with you or not.


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