Customer Satisfaction

Your customers perception of your business and those goods and services you delivere is crucial for future development of the customer relations. GAP Vision may help you continuously monitoring the customer perception in order to keep the customers happy and ready to move on with you.

Whether you are operating in B2B or B2C markets, a stable and loyal customer base is crucial to achieve sustaining profitability of your business.  A number of factors may impact your ability to obtain this. Many of these figures, like revenues, prices, customer enquiries and POS transactions, you may easily retrieve from your core business systems, like ERP, CRM and so on. However, your are not able to retrieve those key figures that directly relate to the customer satisfaction, like

  • Is the customer happy with your products and services?
  • Has the customer an intention of returning to you for more business, or is he or she looking for other options?
  • Does the customer recommend you to others?

These are issues that the customer often has a clear opinion about, but it is unfortunately beyond your reach. If you were in a position to get to know these opinions from the customer, you would be very well equipped to act appropriately on all issues related to the customer satisfaction.

GAP Vision provides functions for giving you this insight and is the natural choice of tool when you need to ensure that your customer is satisfied with your products and services, and would like to stay with you in the future.


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