Business Event Performance

In your interaction with a business partner, a number of different business events occur, which influence the overall perception of your performance as a business partner. You may have a perfect view of the content and format of these events, but do you really know the extent of quality exposed to your business partners?

Your business operation comprises a number of planned and unplanned business events in the interface with your business partners. Examples may be:

  • A planned delivery
  • A support enquiry
  • A training course
  • A complaint or equivalent.

Although you have the full picture of the format, content, frequency and results of these events, the real success of these events are subject to individual perception from one or both of the business partners involved. Unfortunately, you will not be able to read this information from your traditional event tracking systems. If you had access to this information, you would be very well equipped to enhance performances related to these events, whether these events occurs within your organization og with your business partners organization.

Examples of monitoring which will provide usefil insight are: 

  • Your evaluation of received godds and services
  • Evaluation of support enquiries
  • Evaluation of dispatched product 
  • Evaluation of service
  • Training evaluation

GAP Vision offers easy-to-use and efficient measurement tools to help you in collection of crucial knowledge about perception of quality in various business events. With this at hand, your have the best possible insight for developing business performances on both sides of a business interface.


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